Personal Safety For Women

Personal Safety For Women

Personal Safety Pamphlet 2014 Personal Safety for Women Pamphlet

The University of Georgia Police Department places an emphasis on the personal safety of women within the University community and Athens-Clarke County. Our department offers Personal Safety for Women programs each year to students, civic organizations, clubs, church groups, and many other groups. One of the goals of the Crime Prevention Unit is to reduce sexual assaults in our community by considering steps people can take to reduce the likelihood of being targeted for these types of crimes.

The Personal Safety for Women Program offered by our department features a four step strategy of Alertness, Prevention, Precaution, and Preparation. Students are taught how to assess risk factors for their given situation using this four-pronged strategy. Using a thorough assessment of risk factors, students can learn how to reduce their exposure to these crimes.

The Crime Prevention Unit has an extensive history teaching Personal Safety for Women programs. The programs are updated annually with the latest information and statistics. The programs include education concerning the latest advancements in personal safety technology. While the UGA Police Department does not endorse any products, we encourage each person to consider what personal safety technology is right for them. The Crime Prevention Unit is always ready to assist people with questions about personal safety products.

Sexual assaults continue to be a major concern for members of our community and society in general. According to, a sexual assault is committed every 107 seconds in the United States. Additionally, 2 out of every 3 sexual assaults are committed by someone known to the victim. While there is no absolute plan to avoid an attack, using the strategies taught within our Personal Safety for Women program can help reduce your exposure to rape and sexual assault.

The strategies center around four key concepts:

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