Personal Safety For Women

Personal Safety For Women

Personal Safety Pamphlet 2014 Personal Safety for Women Pamphlet

The University of Georgia Police Department takes great pride in educating the University Community and citizenry of Athens-Clarke County in Personal Safety for women. This program is given every year to students, civic organizations, clubs, church groups and many other interested parties. It is the goal of the Crime Prevention Bureau to educate people through a heads-up, common sense approach to personal safety. Crime Prevention Officers do not preach but instead are focused on the goal of reducing sexual assaults.

The Personal Safety Program is based on a four pronged theory of Alertness, Prevention, Precaution, and Preparation. Students are educated on sexual assault using this four pronged theory, and they learn how to determine risk factors in their lives. The students also learn how to control and lessen their chances of becoming a victim.

The University of Georgia Crime Prevention Unit has an extensive history in teaching Personal Safety for Women Programs. Each year our program is updated with the most recent statistics. New advancements made in the area of sexual assault are also mentioned. The program educates students on safety gadgets available and their advantages and disadvantages. The University of Georgia Police Department does not endorse any product but realizes its an individual's choice on whether she or he should purchase one of these items. Anyone who purchases a personal safety gadget should know the legal justification for using it.

Sexual assault is a growing concern for most women in today's world. According to the U.S. Justice Department (1992 Crime Statistics), every 5.1 minutes a woman is raped in the United States. While there is never an absolute plan to avoid an attack, there is a theory that can make you less vulnerable.

The University of Georgia Police Department teaches a four pronged theory to aid you in your fight against sexual assault:

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